Video: Sustainable Planet

The video recording of Israel's plenary session at the 2022 CMS Conversations Day.

Business that sustains

Rosie Hopley recounts her experience of how entrepreneurship in social business can help all involved thrive.

Treasure seeking

Caroline Kennedy offers practices that sustain her own personal spirituality and reflects on how to “find the gold”.

Sustaining community spirituality

Alison Boulton reflects on 14 years' practice and experience within a local community on a new housing estate.

Beyond measure (2)

Paul Bradbury explores the proper context of the idea of measurement, which should act as a servant and not our master.

Beyond measure (1)

Tina Hodgett explains why she resists the impulse to measure outcomes in pioneering in the innovator space.

Exploring apophatic approaches to mission

Janet Williams has a conversation with Richard Passmore about how the apophatic tradition can help us to thrive sustainably.

Collectives with soul

Alison Webster offers community organising as a model of challenging and changing our neoliberal society.

Sustainability, African identity and climate justice

Israel Olofinjana critiques western notions of sustainability and offers a different model for climate justice.

Editorial: Sustainability and mission

James Butler introduces an issue on thriving sustainably in mission in the face of demands for constant growth.

Book review: Do Small Groups Work?

James Butler finds Anna Creedon's book to be an important text for those teaching and training small group leaders.

Book review: Community as Church, Church as Community

Katrina Hutchins says Michael Plekon offers a powerful vision of a small church that is alive to God.