Leveraging indigenous theologies

Paul Ayokunle argues that adopting Indigenous theological perspectives is both necessary and urgent to enable the gospel to flourish

Anaditj: the way things are

Denise Champion contrasts Western ways of viewing reality with those of the traditional inhabitants of Adnyamathanha country, South Australia

The blessing of diversity

Jay Mātenga on being true to who we are created to be, while remaining open to being transformed through interactions with those not like us

Editorial: Emancipation of Indigenous theologies

Jay Mātenga introduces an issue that foregrounds the people and relationship centred approach of Indigenous theologies.

Book review: World Religions and their Missions

Tom Wilson finds food for thought in comparing Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Baha'i and Mormon approaches to mission.

Book review: Unlikely Friends

Hannah Steele applauds a vision for friendships that transcend the comfort of homogeneity to express the joy and value found in difference.

Book review: Theology of Hope

A classic that paints a compelling vision of theology, and indeed mission, says James Butler.

Book review: The Pharisees

Tom Wilson reviews a text well worth engaging with, that will help you avoid unthinking stereotypes.

Book review: The Meanings of Discipleship

James Butler finds a helpful contribution to the discussion around discipleship offering a multitude of perspectives.

Book review: Interpreting the Old Testament after Christendom

A tough read, but worth it for an approach to authentic and responsible use of the Hebrew Bible, says Miles Hopgood.

Book review: The Gospel of John

Howard Bigg recommends an imaginative resource, opening up new ways of understanding and applying this wonderful Gospel.

Book review: Global Migration & Christian Faith

Joseph Ola on an attempt to use the Bible, theology and church history to shape a missional response to the global migration and refugee crises.