Sustainability, African identity and climate justice

Israel Olofinjana critiques western notions of sustainability and offers a different model for climate justice.

Editorial: Sustainability and mission

James Butler introduces an issue on thriving sustainably in mission in the face of demands for constant growth.

Book review: Do Small Groups Work?

James Butler finds Anna Creedon's book to be an important text for those teaching and training small group leaders.

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Katrina Hutchins says Michael Plekon offers a powerful vision of a small church that is alive to God.

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Susann Haehnel follows Lynn McChlery into the tricky area of discerning vocation.

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Tom Wilson looks at Arbuckle’s suggestions for how the Catholic Church should collectively and individually respond to COVID-19

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Sue Hart finds Lisa Wilson Davison's book to be a hugely welcome, liberating gift.

Book review: Slavery-Free Communities

Read this book, says Dr Cathy Ross: you will never be unaware again.

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Tom Wilson reviews a fascinating first foray into the largely undocumented world of the Kutchi Kohli Christians of Pakistan.

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Drew Collins's book moves forward the debate concerning Christian engagement with other religions.

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This book will introduce you to other worlds...

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Volumes any serious student of the New Testament would do well to read