New work at the edges

Your gift will support local leaders making disciples in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East & North Africa.

Christmas appeal 2022

Christmas can be a lonely, fearful time for Christians in some parts of the world – especially if they choose to follow Jesus after growing up in another faith. Many will be rejected by their family. They may not be able to access a church community or even the Bible. For many, the road to […]

Harvest Appeal 2022

Give today and help bring God’s life-giving, life-changing love to people at the very edges.

Lent appeal 2022

Give today to stand in the gap and help a new generation to know Jesus For generations, missionaries have stood with the marginalised peoples of the Chaco, northern Argentina – fighting alongside indigenous people to keep their land, translating Scripture into native languages and pouring their energy into sharing Jesus. But for the next generation, […]