Ethiopia: training church leaders

Earlier this year, mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson were struggling with complications regarding permission for Chris to enter a refugee camp to deliver training to church leaders. Chris and Suzy now write that SIM Ethiopia’s leadership team has helped to address these complications and Chris has been able resume teaching in the camps and […]

Middle East: risk of war between Israel and Hezbollah

The United Nations has stated that a “catastrophe beyond imagination” could be on the horizon. Israel and the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah (backed by Iran) have been exchanging fire across their border for the past nine months and this could develop into a war on a much bigger scale than the destruction in Gaza and […]

Thailand: update on Narin

Mission partners Jason and Tracy Day share an update on their friend Narin. Narin used to be homeless but has seen his circumstances change over the past few months since he started going to church and gave his life to Jesus, and was until recently working. Sadly, Narin has now lost his job. He is […]

UK: PiM conference

Give thanks for our people in mission conference which has been taking place over the past few days. Pray for CMS people in mission as they return to their contexts or continue on home leave.

UK: searching for new chair of trustees

CMS is looking to appoint a new chair of trustees. We give thanks for Charles Clayton’s faithful service (he will be stepping down in the spring after 10 years in the role) and ask for prayer as we search for, discern and appoint a new chair.

Building up women and children in South East Asia

Asia-CMS partners are offering an invitation to hope

Madagascar: rural communities with limited healthcare

Ialy Tongasoa, CMS-Africa’s country coordinator for Madagascar, asks for prayer for the rural communities in Toliara, where a lot of people are affected by malaria and most live far away from medical centres. Please also pray for local partner Florent Lahitody, who is undergoing surgery this month.

Pakistan: increased protection from early and forced marriages

This week, the National Assembly of Pakistan raised the legal marriage age for Christians to 18 for both boys and girls (raised from 16 and 13 respectively). Praise God for this new legislation, which will help to protect young girls from early and forced marriages and ensure their right to education.

South Asia: transitioning to Ireland

B and K, who are finishing as mission partners, ask for prayer for B as he remains in South Asia and waits to join the rest of the family in Ireland. Pray for his visa to come through quickly. We praise God that K has a job lined up ready to start when B joins […]

UK: Political Theology for Mission

CMS’s Pioneer Mission Training, in collaboration with thinktank Theos, is hosting a residential from 11 to 13 July as part of our Political Theology for Mission module. Participants will be exploring how Christians and churches can engage in politics and what that means for public witness. Please pray for those leading the course as well […]

UK: office staff

We give thanks for the chance for CMS office staff to spend time together and build each other up at CMS’s all-staff picnic this week. Pray for this time together to enable office staff to continue to work together smoothly to support mission at the edges around the world.

Ukraine: missile attack in Kyiv

The biggest children’s hospital in Ukraine was hit by a missile strike on Monday, killing two people and injuring a further 300. Pray for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, all those who are injured and all those dealing with the fallout of this event. Pray against the fear that Russian forces […]