Ukraine: Genesis and mission follow up

Mission partner Alison Giblett in Ukraine asks for prayer for the Genesis ministry, which helps people dealing with destructive behaviours. Pray for new group members for the face to face group, and for people who have been to one session come back. Pray also for a trainer for the online group. Alison’s church, led by local partner Valery […]

Uganda: Sunday school

Neil and Sue Browning in Moyo, Uganda, lead Sunday School alongside their roles as a college lecturer (Sue) and surgeon (Neil). There are regularly 70–90 children attending, but recently some leaders have moved on for work and studies. Give thanks for these children coming along and pray for new leaders to join the team.

South Asia: newly arrived

Please pray for mission associates Claire and Ian who have just travelled to South Asia to deliver mental health training and be part of a palliative care project. Pray that they will have energy and stamina to deliver the training over the six weeks they are there and that it will be an encouraging and […]

Guatemala: presidential election

Please pray for justice and the will of the Guatemalan people to be observed. There have been legal challenges to the transition of power to President-elect Bernardo Arévalo after he won the presidential run-off with 61% of the vote. Pray that justice might be done and that Guatemala might be able to move forward in […]

Brazil: land rights

Indigenous peoples in Brazil celebrated the supreme court decision last week to uphold their rights to ancestral lands and not to restrict them to the lands occupied in 1988 at the time of the institution of the new constitution. Please continue to pray for justice in the area of land rights across the Latin America […]

Pioneering Parishes: First steps

A series of four fortnightly webinars to help parishes start to move their energy outwards, become more pioneering and network with others

Pioneering Parishes Community of Learning launch event

A place for people who've done Pioneering Parishes training to come and support each other in the principles of establishing culture change

CMS Southern conference 2024

Save the date for the annual gathering of CMS family in the South.

Tanzania: exciting new works

After 12 years in at Neema Crafts in Iringa, mission partners Ben and Katy Ray have relocated to Arusha. Pray for them as they consult with Usa River Rehabilitation Centre, which gives vocational training to people with a range of disabilities, and as they explore opportunities above and beyond this. Pray for Ben and Katy […]

Pakistan: Shikarpur Christian Hospital

Indus Christian Fellowship ask for prayer for Shikarpur Christian Hospital, which has served the community faithfully for many years but is now struggling due to staffing issues. Please pray for God to provide doctors, especially gynaecologists, for a nursing director who can train young nurses and lead the department, and for God to open doors […]

Nepal: more teachers needed

Mission associates Craig and Elaine Watson ask for prayer for more teachers for Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC). The school currently needs two French teachers, two German teachers, two English teachers and a Spanish teacher. Pray for the right people to become available for these roles.

Morocco: earthquake aftermath

Please continue to pray for Morocco, where people are still struggling following the earthquake. The country is likely to spend over £9 billion rebuilding the regions destroyed by the earthquake and supporting those most impacted by the earthquake. Pray for all those who have lost family members and homes.