Celebrating diversity: mission in diversity

Asia Prayer and Aware gathering 2023

CMS Focus on Africa 2023

An opportunity to hear about the work of CMS partners in Africa and pray together. 

CMS Magazine January 2023

All the stories from the January 2023 edition in one place


An invitation to nurture prayerful presence

Christmas greetings from CEO Alastair Bateman

Can you imagine actually being glad to be a refugee?

CMS Magazine November 2022

All the stories from the November 2022 edition in one place

With each other: reflecting on mission together in Asia

Rev Dr Chan Nam Chen, executive director of AsiaCMS, reflects on its first decade

Remembering Patrick Coghlan, 1947 to 2020

Peter Hyatt reflects on the life of former mission partner and chair of SAMS Patrick Coghlan

CMS Magazine August 2022

All the stories from the August 2022 edition in one place

Video: Not giving up on peace: meet Joan Busolo

Joan Busolo, CMS manager in Africa, speaks about her own journey as a disciple of Jesus and how discipleship and peacemaking are intimately linked.

Rev Jane Shaw, 1947 to 2022

Former mission partner, health administrator, trustee of CMS and wise guide to many

Video: You will find us at the edges

A poem by Kate Fox-Robinson captures the spirit of Church Mission Society's renewed vision and purpose.