Tanzania: Marburg virus

Five people in the north-west of the country have died of Marburg virus, and the authorities are working hard to curb the spread of the virus. Pray for the disease to be stopped in its tracks.

Paraguay: flooding, outbreak of chikungunya

In Paraguay there have also been heavy rains causing flooding and some communities have been isolated as roads have become impassable. A chikungunya outbreak also continues in Paraguay with at least 33 people having died this year as a result. Please pray for all those suffering from the mosquito borne disease, for a quick and […]

Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique: Cyclone Freddy

Mission associate Sue Bird in Malawi asks for prayer for those suffering the after-effects of Cyclone Freddy. Sue writes that the HIV testing and counselling centre where she works in Songani (in one of the districts most badly affected) is still standing, although many dwellings are not. Across the three countries, over 300 people have […]

Iraq: church leader facing blasphemy charges

Middle East Concern writes that a church leader, Bishop Bahzad Mziri, is facing blasphemy charges following social media comments taken out of context, and that he and his family have had to leave Iraq. Christians in Iraq ask for prayer for Bishop Mziri and his family to know the peace of Jesus, for God’s protection […]

Ecuador, Peru: heavy rains

Please pray for all those who have been affected by heavy rains across the region. In Peru and Ecuador many have died as a result of flooding and landslides, infrastructure has been destroyed and crops have been lost. Many are without work and some communities are completely cut off.

Ecuador: earthquake

After the recent 6.8 earthquake in Ecuador in which at least 15 people died, please pray for all those who have lost loved ones, those who are injured and need healing and for all those who have had their homes and properties damaged. We praise God that mission partner Bev Cannon and her husband, mission […]

Afghanistan, Pakistan: earthquake

Pray with us for Afghanistan and Pakistan following a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. All our people in mission are safe, though the earthquake was felt in Lahore. Please pray for these countries and everyone dealing with the devastation caused by the earthquake. The Afghan regions affected are particularly remote and hard for any aid to reach.

UK: Discipling young people

Anna and Chris Hembury are mission partners sharing life with people on the margins in Hull, including discipling young people. They ask, “Please pray for this new generation of young leaders, that they might find their feet on God’s good road and find their voice in sharing Jesus’ story. Pray too for wisdom for us […]

Peru: cyclone aftermath

Please pray for those in Peru, particularly in the north of the country, who have been hit by unusually heavy unseasonal rains brought by cyclone Yaku. The resulting flooding and high river flows have left more than 50 people dead and many more have lost their homes and belongings.

Nepal: development agency

A local partner in Nepal leads a development agency and is currently in the process of selecting board members. Pray for wisdom and discernment in this process.

South Asia: Youth network

Give thanks for the South Asia Christian Youth Network putting together plans for an in-person conference in September to help young Christian leaders connect and grow together. Please pray for all those planning the conference, and particularly for funding needed to make it happen.

Asia: travels

Please pray for CMS’s manager in Asia as she travels to meet partners in South East Asia this week.