Chile, Paraguay: healing for local partners

Please pray for the health of two local partners in Latin America, both currently leaders of their dioceses. Jose Pino (Chile) is currently recovery from an operation, while Agustín Maidana (Paraguay) is suffering from a viral infection. Please pray for their full recovery and for continued good health.

Ukraine: visa

Mission partner Alison Giblett has had to leave Ukraine and travel to Romania to re-apply for her residency visa. Pray for favour with those she comes into contact with and for her paperwork to be processed quickly. Pray, too for local partners Valery and Anya and their church as they bring hope through providing food […]

UK: mission partners on leave

Many of our people in mission are in the UK on leave, catching up with family, friends and link churches over the summer. Please pray for our mission partners and their children to find rest in the midst of the busyness and the many people they are here to see and things they are here […]

Uganda: training

Local partner Judith Murungi writes that 15 pastors and leaders recently received CMS-Africa’s holistic transformational leadership training. Praise God for this investment in these leaders and pray for these leaders and their churches to have an impact on their communities, particularly those where cattle-raiding is an issue. Pray, too, for those learning biblical stewardship principles […]

Tanzania: successful vision-casting 

Local partner Paul Kibona writes that he was able to share about CMS-Africa’s training programmes and inspire church leaders about what could be possible in several locations around the country in recent weeks. Praise God for opening a door for Paul to speak with leaders. Pray for more doors to open for life-changing training in […]

Sudan: ongoing conflict

Local partner Hassan James shares that the situation in Kadugli is calmer, but that people are of course worried that conflict may become more serious again. He writes, “Let us continue praying for the church to continue to be a witness and a peacemaker. Let us pray about the political stability of Sudan in general.”

Sri Lanka: economic collapse

Pray for the people of Sri Lanka, where the government has run out of money to pay for food, fuel and medicine and is relying on help from neighbouring countries and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Our contacts at LEADS write that they are “doing okay by the grace of God”, but ask for prayer […]

Lebanon: resettling

Please pray for mission partners Philip and Sylvie Good as they resettle in Lebanon. Pray for the Lord to guide their steps and the connections they make as they work with local refugees and support the work of the Together Network hub to train Muslim background believers.

Brazil: deforestation

As deforestation rates in the Brazilian Amazon have hit a new six-year high, please pray for work to minimise its destruction and for creative ways to protect this huge rainforest, which is key to the absorption of greenhouse gases for the good of all the world.

Around the world: cost of living crisis

Pray for those all around the world being affected by rising food and fuel prices. In Latin America, a number of countries have seen widespread protests which sometimes have turned violent. Please pray for the poorest, who are most affected, and for wisdom for governments to know how best to respond to the crises facing […]

South Sudan: conflict resolution

CMS-Africa and CMS convened a consultation in May in Wau, where church leaders from diverse denominations and locations gathered together to discuss causes of conflict and share about the growth of the Church in spite of conflict. Pray for these church leaders and others to lead their congregations and communities in peacemaking.

South East Asia: language learning 

Mission partners recently arrived at their location in South East Asia ask for prayer for their ongoing language learning and for them to get to know their neighbours and put down some roots.