Middle East: two Bible translations

Mission partners involved in Bible translation in the Middle East write that one of the translations they are working on is now ready to be published on an app, which their intern is building. Pray for the team as they make decisions about spelling and extra letters for sounds that other local languages don’t have. […]

Peru: ongoing protests

As protests continue across many areas of Peru following the removal from power of former president Pedro Castillo, please pray for peace. Protests have often turned violent and security forces have also responded with force, leaving around 50 people dead in the last month. Pray for calm, peace and for a resolution of the problems. […]

UK: pioneer students

Please pray for CMS’s pioneer students who have recently returned to their studies at CMS House in Oxford and online after the Christmas break. Pray for God to guide them in a healthy work-life balance, as many students are juggling studies with family and work commitments as well as pioneering in their communities as well.

Brazil: finishing service on a high

Please pray for short-termers Becky and Evaldo Reid Rodrigues as they finish service with CMS. Praise God that they are now together in the UK, having been apart for 10 months due to the lengthy visa process. Praise God that after four years of work, a fostering system has finally been implemented in Olinda, Recife. […]

Honduras: progress on many fronts

Mission partners Lindsey and Steve Poulson write that a visiting mission team from the US helped begin a new barber shop, which will provide employment and training for young people and provide a small income for Proyecto Alas itself. Secondly, the coffee shop, Cafe Alas, continues to thrive and is now in the capable hands […]

Nepal: full leadership team

Give thanks that Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) has now managed to recruit for all the positions in leadership, which will be the first time for mission associate Craig Watson to have a full leadership team. Pray as they start this new year for the team to settle in well, for wisdom and for encouragement.

Nepal: back home

Pray for mission partners Andrea and Andrew Young as they settle back into their home in Nepal.

South Asia: new baby

We thank God for the safe arrival of a baby boy born to local partners in South Asia. Pray for the mother, V, to recover, for the baby to thrive and for the family as they all adjust to the new arrival.

Taiwan: returning home

Please pray for mission partner Catherine Lee as she returns home to Asia.

Thailand: youth group

Jason and Tracy Day, mission partners based in Chiang Mai, write that Tracy will be helping with the children at an OMF conference in February. Pray for Tracy as she prepares to lead the group, aged a few months old to seven years, on the topic of fruits of the Spirit, with various Bible stories […]

Uganda: hospital renovation

Mission partners Neil and Sue Browning write that there is a new surgeon employed at Moyo Hospital alongside Neil, and this may allow Neil to spend some time in Kajo-Keji, where a hospital is being renovated by Médecins Sans Frontières. Pray for things to fall into place so that this works out and so that […]

Ukraine: war

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. There are reports of Ukraine starting 2023 with a major attack on Russian troops, Russians on the battlefields using bodies as “shields” and people at the epicentre of the war feeling like it is the end of the world. Pray for God to bring an end […]