James Pham, Laos

From a neighbouring country in the Mekong region, James shares the gospel with those from his home country and supports the Lao church.

Russell de Alwis, Sri Lanka

Church relations officer and training coordinator at LEADS, which works with abused and traumatised children.

Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker, Thailand

Advocating against human trafficking and counselling victims, walking alongside women as they leave the sex industry and start a new life.

Josias Nkusi Sebujisho, Rwanda

Coordinates CMS-Africa’s activities in Rwanda, teaches on CMS-Africa courses and supports around 100 champions and trainers

Judith Murungi, Uganda

Coordinating CMS-Africa activities in Uganda and training and mentoring leaders for effective holistic discipleship

Anya Manchuliak, Ukraine

Coordinates church and ministry connections, develops partnerships with other churches and missions, trains youth and shares the gospel.

Martin Gordon, DR Congo

Martin is bishop of Goma in eastern DR Congo, a region ravaged by war. He focuses particularly on church planting and peace-making.

Jennifer and Kevin Cable, Israel/Palestine

Working to re-open the historic Anglican church in Jaffa and strengthen the presence of Christ in the Middle East.

Berdine van den Toren-Lekkerkerker, Netherlands

Living a life of mission, both locally in our community and globally as I support Christian leaders in Africa and Asia to resource others.

Paul Kibona, Tanzania

Country coordinator who teaches, trains, disciples and mentors new leaders for the expansion of the kingdom of God

Neil and Sue Browning, Uganda

Neil works as a surgeon at the local government hospital in Moyo and Sue as a lecturer at Kajo-Keji Christian College (KCC).

Mechi Tarragona, Uruguay

Coming alongside and training groups in local communities, especially families and leaders