Tragedy, trauma, transformation

Refugees in northern Uganda are seeing how following Jesus makes peace possible

Partnership makes peace possible

Where years of war make it tempting to give up on peace, our local partner Sam Malish explains why he keeps going.

Life on the inside

A prisoner from Brazil shares his story of finding the light and hope of Jesus amid the bleakness of life in prison.

Feeding hearts and souls as well as tummies

Pioneering Parishes helped churches in Cosham say yes to their local community in need

A secret disciple

The risks of losing job, family and community mean that some choose to keep faith a secret.

Nepal: remote possibilities

When her daughter was healed through the prayers of local Christians, Misha decided to follow Jesus. She now leads a church in her village.

Cleaning up the cleaning sector

Maritza has gone from being treated like a machine to being seen for her worth as a person.

More than a market

A project to save food waste and serve poor communities has led to changed lives in Brazil.

What happens in a Community Shed?

One member of Carlisle's Community Shed tells Garry Ion their story of new-found confidence and belonging.

The cutting edge

Haircuts and mentoring carved a brighter future with Jesus for one young Honduran drawn into drugs and street life

Making a difference to those on the edge of life

Piriyo, a young man in north east DR Congo, struggled to move around or do much more than sit on a mat outside his hut.

Not giving up on life in abundance

From stuck in pain to set free in ultra-secular Uruguay