Church workshops

Mission workshops made for everyone

Our workshops are designed to get whole church congregations thinking in a mission-minded way. And to work out how they can better reach their local community through living out God’s mission.

Workshops can take the form of a whole day or half day training. We have created them for all members of the congregation to take part – not just the leadership.

If a group of churches wants to join together and run a workshop, then the format lends itself well to that too.

We currently have two workshops which churches can choose from:

Reaching the local community

It’s a common question and one that can be tough to crack. How can a local church connect with and be relevant to the surrounding community in the 21st century? The good news is that God is already at work in our communities even before we attempt to reach them. This workshop presents fresh ideas of how churches can identify where God is at work, and join in with his mission plan for the community.

Crossing cultures in your locality

Just because we live in the same place as someone else, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have tricky cultural barriers to cross. This workshop draws on varied cross-cultural learning and experiences from around the world. It can help your church better understand its own culture. Then you can start to navigate any cultural differences between church and community that may be rooted in age, social demographic or nationality.

Really helpful. I’ve loved the interactive element… it’s enabled me to connect with people who are on the same journey. 

Workshop participant – Telford

What our workshops aim to do

We can’t promise to provide quick fix solutions or tell you exactly what you need to do. However what are our workshops will do is:

  • Get congregations as a whole thinking in a mission minded way
  • Help you to ask new questions which, in time, can lead you to new answers
  • Draw on examples from around the world that will give inspiration and help us to see things differently
  • Provide some practical steps to get churches started on a new pathway of mission


How long does a workshop last?

Workshop timings can be flexible depending on your needs. We suggest a format of either a full day or half day/evening.

How much will it cost?

The cost of workshops will help to cover travel expenses and staff time for our facilitators. It will also pay for all the resources that are used during the workshop. Prices vary depending on the length of the workshop and the number of people attending:

Half day or evening
10-20 attendees: £160
20-50 attendees: £320

Whole day
10-20 attendees: £245
20-50 attendees: £490

How many people can attend?

We would recommend a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 50. Remember the material is designed to be accessible to anyone in the congregation and works best when attendance is not restricted to church leaders, mission committees etc.

Workshops can be run for groups of churches if you wish to collaborate with others in your area, such as a churches together network or Anglican deanery.

“I would highly encourage using the workshop training. CMS asked the right questions to find out where the church was at in order to make the training most effective. No church has that capacity to do this alone, so it’s a huge help.”

Workshop organiser – All Saints, Wellington

How to involve the whole congregation

A number of people have asked us how best to encourage their congregation to get involved with a workshop. Although the material is accessible for everyone, the idea of attending a workshop can be a big commitment for some people. Here are some suggestions on how you might encourage people to get involved:

  • If your church has small groups they could use one of our mission-themed Bible studies in the weeks leading up to the workshop. What is Mission? is a four-week study and Possible World is a seven-week study
  • Plan some teaching on mission in the church to help people understand how it’s relevant to everyone. Possible passages to focus on might be Luke 10:1-23 or Matthew 28:16-20
  • Encourage conversations about mission within the church.


If you’d like to book a workshop for your church then please just click the link below.

If you’re not sure exactly what you’d like and want to discuss options then please contact John Orchard on 01865 787523 or email

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