Julias’s story

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Church Mission Society began in 1799 with a group of Christians, including William Wilberforce, who said yes to Jesus’ call to follow him to the edges. Today, we continue to share Jesus’ love in more than 40 countries.

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Once excluded from community and from working, Julias is now living a life he never thought possible. This is what your support can mean for more people.

Julias in Tanzania was three when he lost the use of his legs. Due to the stigma attached to disability, Julias recalls:

“I was not treated well by other children and I stayed home all day. My father started taking me to school when I was seven. But when he passed away, I could no longer go… the school was too far to crawl to.”

The future looked bleak and lonely for Julias. Then he heard about Neema Crafts, which provides skills training, jobs – and dignity – to people with disabilities. Neema was started by CMS partners to show the community that God loves everyone without exception.

Julias joined a training course and became an expert tailor. He now works at Neema and earns enough to provide for his family.

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