Ukraine hope

In war-torn areas like Ukraine, CMS mission partners risk everything to share the hope we have in Jesus.

Every gift you send strengthens this mission.

Church Mission Society began in 1799 with a group of Christians, including William Wilberforce, who said yes to Jesus’ call to follow him to the edges. Today, we continue to share Jesus’ love in more than 40 countries.

Urgent Christmas Appeal

Even after 600+ days of horrific violence in Ukraine, CMS workers aren’t giving up.

Today, they continue to provide practical and spiritual care for people dealing with staggering trauma and loss.

Your gift now could support our mission partners to bring urgent relief to places of conflict worldwide. This includes trauma support for adults and children, and helping to meet people’s basic needs for shelter and food.

Please send a gift now, so our partners in war-torn places can keep sharing the hope of Jesus in practical ways.

  • £25 could support our work with communities in conflict areas, including Ukraine.
  • £45 could train CMS partners around the world in sharing the life-changing love of Jesus.

Your gift now could restore hope where it’s urgently needed.

Please donate today.