Give your congregation a window to a wider world

CMS and your church community: going to edges near and far, together.

Every church is unique, with its own dreams and challenges. Some churches have a long history of supporting global mission, while others feel drawn to connect with their local communities. Many churches have a heart for both – and CMS can help your congregation discover where God is at work and how to join in.

Here are a couple of special opportunities to take your church to the edges.

Mission cannot and should not be done alone. A Link church plays a vital part in mission through building a relationship with a specific CMS person in mission.

Through your person in mission or “mission partner” you are connected to his or her community at the edges, which can be anywhere from Bradford to Brazil.

“Lynn is able to really make us feel part of her work in Southern Sudan, show us the limitless love of God at work in the toughest of situations and I believe in doing so she has broadened our understanding of God and mission. She is very real in sharing her passion and call with us with the result that the support for her work grew, as did our desire to extend beyond our local Parish boundaries.”

St Mary’s church, Saffron Walden linked with Lynn Treneary in South Sudan

As a Link church, you’ll stand alongside your mission partner, providing much needed prayer, financial support and friendship.

It’s not a one-way relationship; it’s a mutual exchange of love and care. A journey you’ll go on together.

In return, you’ll receive communications, visits, insights from the edges, prayer and support from your mission partner.

And so it’s not just supporting mission – it IS mission.

To find out more, email the church relations team:

Hosting a CMS speaker

As a church congregation, do you feel drawn to those at the edges of your community and of our world?

Or do you feel as though you’re not sure quite where to start?

Church Mission Society invites people at the edges of church, the edges of society and the edges of our comfort zones to follow Jesus and play a part in his story.

Your church can be part of this too.

We invite you and your congregation to hear more about going to the edges by booking a CMS speaker to speak at your church either in person, virtually or pre-recorded.

Come with us to the edges and discover God at work in ways you might not have expected.


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