gives up.

Neither should we.

Book a CMS speaker and hear about what God is doing today!

Invite a CMS speaker now to come and share unforgettable stories, insights and ideas for mission with your congregation.

CMS and your church community: going to edges near and far, together.

Every church is unique, with its own dreams and challenges. Some churches have a long history of supporting global mission, while others feel drawn to connect with their local communities. Many churches have a heart for both – and CMS can help your congregation discover where God is at work and how to join in.

Pioneering Parishes

Webinar series to help parishes start to move their energy outwards, become more pioneering and network with others

Become a link church

See how God is at work through your prayers and gifts

Become a CMS advocate

Be a voice for mission in your congregation


Combine your creativity and community for a great cause.

Partnership for Missional Church

An in-depth facilitated journey based on six spiritual practices. PMC helps churches embed long-lasting change and discover God’s mission purpose for them in their community.

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