Mission opportunities

Serve at the edges

Mission opportunities for chronically curious Jesus-followers

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that he spent a lot of time with people at the edges. And that’s where the people of Church Mission Society want to be too.

All about the edges

Find out what mission means for Church Mission Society: our focus, our values, our principles

“CMS has the experience and capacity to help sustain us on the field for a lifetime of ministry.” – mission partners serving at the edges in North Africa

Ways to serve

Long-term mission partners

Join with people from other cultures to make disciples at the edges – for at least three years.

Gap years

If you want to be with Jesus, then spend time with those society has pushed to the edges….


From four months to two years – share your skills with people at the edges

Mission associates

Already working overseas and looking for more of a community?

Jobs with CMS

Join the staff team supporting God’s mission at the edges and sharing the stories.

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