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Wonder: a unique Christian gap year

Step into your gap year…

Take time out to wonder…with Church Mission Society’s unique Christian gap year experience, Wonder.

  • See more of the world and how God is at work in it
  • Know God better and consider God’s calling on your life
  • Serve others as you learn from them, too

What’s different to a regular gap year?

  • Go global and local: choose Asia and/or the UK
  • Cross cultures and meet other faiths – with 220 years of mission experience to back you up
  • Face the future: get coaching to set you up for what’s next

Wonder: a different kind of Christian gap year

With this flexible programme, you can choose to spend time in one or two locations. There’s also space for learning more about mission, about how God is at work in our world, and about yourself.

You’ll work alongside long-term CMS mission partners or local Christian partner organisations in Asia and/or in a multicultural urban area in the UK.

If you have a full 10 to 12 months, you can serve in Asia and in the UK. If you’ve only got four to five months, you’ll be able to serve in one location. It takes time to get your head around another culture, so we’ve placed a minimum time frame on this experience.

Asian flavours

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent. It has the most megacities. And it’s incredibly spiritually diverse, with many countries having a tiny Christian population. Western Christians can learn a lot from how Christianity is developing in Asia.

At the same time Asian diaspora communities in the UK are growing (such as in Southall, where our UK placement is). Understanding what mission looks like in these contexts is vital as Britain becomes a post-Christian environment and we regularly find ourselves in dialogue with people of other faiths.

For a flavour of what to expect, look at these Wonder placements in Southall and India.

Gap year options in Latin America and Africa

Get in touch if you would like to explore options in other places.

With you on your journey

With 220 years of pioneering cross-cultural and contextual mission experience, CMS is well placed to help you explore mission and ask deeper, reflective questions about your experience.

We want to walk alongside you as you take a look at your life, your Christian faith and your future and ask, “What’s next for me?”

This gap year programme is as much about the journey as the destination.

While serving others is part of it, this is really about taking time to notice how God is working in unexpected ways and places.

Church Mission Society is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission.

You’ll benefit from:

  • 12-day residential training programme
  • resources to reflect on your experience as you go
  • debriefing upon your return
  • access to our vocations team who use life coaching to help you work out what’s next
  • access to a vibrant community of people in mission to help you continue your missional journey in everyday life
  • participation in a Pioneer Mission Leadership Training module (optional extra if serving in the UK)

Take time to wonder

Why not take some time out at a key point in your life to wander a bit into the unknown, the less comfortable, and to wonder at what God does?

To learn more about this new gap year experience, just hit the button to get in touch (or email

Want to go somewhere else?

We also have other more traditional gap year placements in Africa and Latin America. Get in touch to find out more!

More details on Wonder

What does it cost?

This varies depending on the placement. Please contact us for details. Many placements are able to provide accommodation but you will need to pay for your travel, insurance, and living costs including food and spending money. CMS can give advice on how to raise both prayer and financial support. We don’t channel the money through our accounts but we do want to see evidence that you’ve got enough money before you leave.

CMS asks for a one-off contribution of £350 towards the training, DBS check and health check. Our training usually costs around £700 pp. But we believe in releasing people in mission and want to make it affordable to all. If this is an issue for you, please speak to us.

How do I apply?

Just get in touch. We’ll send you a form to complete and you will come to meet us in person before we match you to a placement. You will be able to speak to project staff at your placement and ask them questions before you make a final decision.

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