Mission associates

Mission associates

Connecting with the CMS network across the world

Mission associates are people who already have a cross-cultural placement set up and want to connect to Church Mission Society for friendship, support and prayer.

The Church is a world-wide fellowship. Many Christians travel widely in the course of their leisure, business or professional work.

The mission associates programme exists to encourage Christians working cross-culturally in contexts which relate to CMS’s long-term strategic goals. It seeks to use the opportunities this offers for sensitive Christian presence and witness, and sharing with and learning from local Christians.

Who can join?

We are looking for people who

  • have a living, mature faith
  • are already part of a local worshipping community
  • are committed to sensitive Christian witness
  • support the aims of Church Mission Society
  • have some understanding of the issues involved with world mission
  • plan to work in countries where CMS has a relationship with the local church or other Christian communities
  • are committed to worshipping with national Christians
  • have an understanding of cross-cultural issues and can be a channel for communication between the Church internationally and the Church in Britain

How do I join?

The first step is complete an enquiry form and then we will invite you to meet with a CMS international mission manager and have an exploratory talk with a member of our vocational recruitment team. We will also need a reference from your home church. 

What does being a mission associate offer me?

Vocational advice

Our experienced staff can help you to explore how your experience and gifts might be used within another culture. CMS is unable to find posts for enquirers. We do, however, know of some openings and may be able to point you in the right direction. 


In order for you to become a full mission associate, you will need to attend a residential programme of preparation for cross-cultural mission either before departure or while you are on leave. We ask for a £500 contribution towards the cost of this event. We can also recommend further options for residential and extension courses and reading material.


CMS regional managers can introduce you to local Christians and national churches as well as other mission associates and locally-based CMS mission partners. 


Information on countries and churches is available as well as regular CMS publications.


There are opportunities for you to reflect on your experiences, with CMS staff and through conferences.


CMS can advise about retreat centres to suit your needs and can make suggestions as you plan your home leave.


You can contribute prayer requests and receive the prayer support of hundreds of committed praying supporters who receive our weekly Prayerspace email.

What next?

Fill in a quick form to let us know what you’re interested in…

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