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Prayer news

  • Pray for Ukraine

    Pause and pray for all God’s children under attack in Ukraine. We are thankful that our people in mission and their colleagues have reached relative safety, though moving between temporary refuges.

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Praying together

We have the joy of being a praying community online and offline. Here is today’s prayer from Prayerlines, our daily, printed prayer guide.

Today’s prayer

“Praise the Lord,” writes local partner Shirish Suresh Suryawanshi, who is involved with Theological Education by Extension, teaching students and using his skills as a pastor and teacher to proclaim Jesus in various private and public sectors of India. “God in his marvellous grace has comforted and given us his peace after the death of four of our beloved tutors. The active participation of students and lay leaders to volunteer for tutoring is overwhelming and we have now got six more new tutors who have volunteered to help and support the ministry.” Give God thanks and glory for his goodness in the face of overwhelming difficulty. Many tutors and students do not have good mobiles and internet connections. Pray for Shirish and the team as they address technological issues and explore alternate ways of education and studying online.

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  • Ukraine update 28 March

    Alison and the group have arrived safely at a new village location where they are able to rent houses that are usually only used in the summer. They are very grateful for their accommodation, which is ever more difficult to find with up to 7 million people displaced within the country.

  • Ukraine update 25 March

    We are giving thanks, having received word from mission partner Alison that the convoy she and local partners Valery and Anya were part of has reached their new location and they are getting settled into their accommodation: “Praise God: we [a group of nine vehicles] have all arrived safely with no incidents to cause concern.”

  • Ukraine update 22 March

    The place in western Ukraine where CMS people in mission have been staying with dozens of fellow church members is viewed as a temporary refuge centre. Our colleagues report that due thousands more of people arriving in the area from Mariupol, Chernihiv and Kharkiv, they are being encouraged to move to a new location: “So […]

  • Ukraine update 16 March

    Over the past few days we have received messages from our people in mission in Ukraine, who are still staying together, having left Kyiv several days ago for a location further west. They are grateful that more members of their church have been able to make the journey westward to join them in their current […]

  • Ukraine update 11 March

    We have received bits and pieces of communication from our people in mission in Ukraine, who are continuing to stay together with about 35 members of their church.

  • Ukraine update 9 March

    We are in a safe place, where we can pray and support those who are still in great danger. Each day we take it in turns to pray either all night or for a couple of hours during the night and day.

  • Ukraine update 7 March

    Our people in mission and their colleagues have now reached a place of relative safety. They are much further away from the direct fighting although there are still airstrikes in the wider region. Please continue to pray God’s protection on them and all the innocent victims of this war.

  • Ukraine update 4 March

    In the last 24 hours we have heard from Pastor Valery that the team are all well. They managed to buy some food as a local shop was briefly open.

  • Ukraine update 2 March

    We have just heard from a fellow pastor of the church our people in mission are part of: “The team are fine. They have no electricity, gas or mobile communication. Around there are battles but God protects them. Continue to pray hard for them.”

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