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Ecuador protests

Pray for Ecuador which has been rocked by more than a week of protests led by indigenous groups demanding fuel price reductions and an increase in education spending. Protests began with road blockades across the country and at times have turned violent. Some basic supplies are beginning to run very low. Please pray for dialogue, […]

Sri Lanka crisis

Continue to pray for Sri Lanka.  The country’s economic crisis has caused sky high inflation and months of shortages of food, fuel, and electricity. Pray for international intervention, for the government to take the right action and for the vulnerable people that are hit the hardest.

Afghanistan earthquake

More than 1,000 people were killed in a recent earthquake. Pray for the rescue and relief work, for the people who have lost loved ones and for the general logistics of water and food to reach the survivors.

Ethiopia unrest

“We just wanted to send a prayer request for Gambella,” write mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson in Ethiopia. “On Tuesday last week a group of rebels came into the town and attacked with the aim to take over the town and regional government. It was unsuccessful but there were hours of gunfire and many […]

Ukraine: fire in flat

Mission partner Alison Giblett’s flat in Kyiv has been severely damaged in a fire caused by an electrical short in the building. There has been much destruction to the structure and contents of the apartment. Alison and some friends have been trying to clean and salvage what they can but the fumes have made them […]

South Sudan: food insecurity

The World Food Programme (WFP) announced this week that, due to a lack of funds, it is reducing its food assistance in South Sudan, where 60 per cent of the population face severe food insecurity during the lean season, fuelled by continuing conflict, severe flooding, localised drought and soaring food prices. This means that 1.7 […]

Pioneer training: open days

A taster day is taking place at the Northern Mission Centre this Saturday and there is an open day for Pioneer Mission Leadership Training in Oxford on Tuesday. Please pray for those considering this training, that those God is calling would be prompted to apply.

Latin America: AMARE gathering

Praise God for the successful AMARE (affiliated with Mothers’ Union) general assembly last week. Members of the women’s ministry from across the Province of South America met to approve a new Provincial team to take the association’s ministry forward. Please pray for Catherine Le Tissier handing over responsibilities and for the new team taking on […]

Asia: theological training

Please give thanks for a successful course writers’ workshop held in Central Asia that one of our mission partners in South Asia attended. It was a very successful time of meeting up, networking and learning from each other, and participants were able to make progress with their courses. Pray that this workshop would bless both […]

Asia Prayer and Aware

On Sunday, the annual Asia Prayer and Aware conference organised by the CMS Asia Forum takes place in Leicester. Pray that those attending will be encouraged, inspired and challenged as they participate in and pray for God’s mission in Asia.

Uganda: returning to Potter’s Village

Mission partner Nicci Maxwell has returned to Kisoro this week after being on home leave in the UK. As she returns to a department with great needs, pray for wisdom for Nicci not to take on too much too soon, and for the courage to say no when necessary. One of Nicci’s key colleagues at […]

Uganda: trauma healing

Local partner Sam Malish writes that trauma healing training has taken place in several locations recently, and that many young people have been reached with Bible stories about forgiveness. In addition, 22 new trauma healing groups have been started. Praise God for these encouraging developments, and pray for God to multiply the impact of this […]