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South East Asia: more volunteers

Local partner Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker shares that she and her team, who provide healthcare and training for women and children who come to them for help, are running at full capacity with a waiting list. Helen asks for prayer for the team to receive the self-care they need so that they can continue to minister to […]

Ukraine: rest for the weary

Pray for local partner Valery and his wife Olga as they seek visas to leave the Ukraine to visit their son and family in the UK. Pray for God to pave the way for a restful time with family where Valery and Olga can have a proper break and spend time with each other and […]

DR Congo: May peace prevail

Following reports of increased violence near Goma, DR Congo, we are praying for the safety and welfare of CMS people in mission in the area, including mission partner Martin Gordon, bishop of the Diocese of Goma. Please join us in praying that peace will prevail and pray for more and more peacemakers in the region.

Ethiopia: danger of famine

The BBC reports that there is a serious danger of famine in parts of Ethiopia, particularly the northern Tigray region. This is the time of year when food should be most plentiful, but severe drought is causing hundreds to die of starvation. Pray for food to be multiplied and to somehow reach all those who […]

North Africa: health problems

Please pray for local partner H. For over two years, he has had trouble breathing and abdominal pain as well as a number of other symptoms. Please pray for God to guide those looking after H and lead them to get to the bottom of what is going on. Pray against these issues and anything […]

Ukraine: ongoing war

We are approaching the two year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our partners in Ukraine are very grateful for everyone’s prayers over the past two years and ask us to keep praying, particularly now. Local partner Valery Alymov, pastor of the Tabernacle of the Living God church (TLG) has just returned from the front […]

Africa: Dorcas Dress Project trip

CMS pioneer Maria Skoyles is currently preparing for a trip to Africa (location confidential) in connection with the Dorcas Dress Project, which helps people escape poverty. Please pray for safe travel, for good relationships to be built and for good feedback that enables the Dorcas Dress Project to grow and flourish in a way that honours […]

Chile: fires

Please pray for Chile, where more than 100 people have been killed by fires in Valparaíso Province. Remember all those who have lost loved ones, those whose homes have been destroyed and all those who have had to flee. Local partner Gabriel Parra and his family, who live in the city of Valparaíso, are safe […]

Ecuador: ongoing fighting

Please pray for Ecuador, where there is an ongoing state of internal armed conflict. Mission partner Sharon Wilcox asks for prayer for to be able to continue to look for opportunities to start new Orchid projects and train volunteers so that more young people can gain the skills they need to become independent.

Pakistan: elections

Elections were held in Pakistan this week. Please pray for peace following the elections and for the future government to be effective in stewarding the country. Pray also for mission partner F, whose role is to help strengthen Christians’ faith and knowledge of Jesus in a context where they are the minority.

Paraguay: rain

Please pray for more rain in the coming months in the central and north of the Chaco after a very hot January with lower than average rainfall.

Uganda: new focus

Please pray for mission partners Sarah and Simon Cawdell, particularly for Simon as he finds a new focus following the end of the Rooted in Jesus conference. Pray for good working relationships and good follow-up for the Rooted in Jesus groups. Pray that Simon is able to focus productively on the household, development and community […]