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Guatemala: planning for children and young people

Please pray for mission partners Azaria and David Pocasangre as they prepare and plan for the next term of activities over the next few weeks. Pray that Azaria and David and others are of one mind as they work together to seek God’s will and guidance for the second half of the year. 

Honduras: rainy season without a roof

Mission partners Lindsey and Steve Poulson write that it is rainy season in Honduras, but that the Proyecto Alas building has been without a roof, leading to flooding of the top floor and considerable damage. Please pray for the new roof to be completed quickly and for further repairs to follow swiftly so that the […]

Nepal: a tightening net

Please pray for CMS local partners in Nepal as persecution and government restrictions increase. Pray for strength to stand firm in their faith and continue to preach and teach the gospel and disciple fellow believers.

Thailand: major transition

Mission partners Jason and Tracy Day ask for prayer for their daughter Ruby as she finishes schooling and heads back to the UK in the early autumn to start studying at a Bible college. Pray for the whole family as they prepare for this major transition and especially for Ruby to settle in and find friends […]

UK: election

Please pray for the UK following the general election on 4 July. Pray for the future prime minister to be open to God’s leading in his role and be guided to make decisions that clearly benefit the nation.

Bolivia: peace following attempted coup

Please pray for peace and good government in Bolivia following what appears to have been a failed attempted coup. Military units entered the presidential palace on Wednesday but later withdrew and the leaders have been arrested. Before being arrested they claimed that current president, Luis Arce, had encouraged them in their actions to bolster his […]

Kenya: visa and restoration of peace and stability

Pray for Aaron Stanbury as he tries to sort out his visa to continue serving in Nairobi. Please also pray for restoration of peace and stability in Kenya, where there have been demonstrations against proposed tax rises. Pray against the use of excessive force and for young people to be patient, for the government to […]

Middle East: ongoing war

According to a UN-backed assessment, there is a high risk of famine for close to half a million Palestinians across Gaza as long as the war continues. Pray for food to be miraculously multiplied so that more people can be fed and for aid to reach all those who need it.

South Asia: relocating

Pray for mission partners formerly in South Asia who are in the process of relocating. Give thanks that one of them has now got a job, which is very timely. Please continue to pray for a visa for the spouse and also fvor finding accommodation, and schooling for the children.

South Sudan: new placement

Nicci Maxwell flies out on Sunday to go to her new placement serving as a doctor at Al Sabah Children’s Hospital, Juba, South Sudan, and at a nearby refugee camp. Pray for Nicci as she settles into a new country and role.

UK: ordinations

Give thanks that Grace Kanungha is to be ordained this Friday, 28 June. Pray for her and Festo and the children as they prepare to move to Bodmin in Cornwall, where Grace will be curate and Festo will have a role in the parish as a mission partner. Pray too for former mission partner Pat […]

India: heatwave

Copy hePlease continue to pray for people in India, where the heatwave continues. High temperatures (above 40C every day, and over 50C at times in some locations), combined with humidity, hot winds, water shortages and power outages, are causing people to die of heat stroke. Pray for a cool change to come through and for […]