Share the story

Share the story

Raise your voice for people at the edges and help your church go deeper into God’s mission.

People at the edges are at the centre of God’s story. Do you have a heart for people who are often overlooked or seen as outsiders? Would you like to help your church move towards the edges, globally and locally?

Then consider becoming an advocate.

Advocates make a next-level commitment to keeping God’s mission at the edges on their church’s radar.

What do advocates do?

An advocate’s main role is to help inspire your church for mission at the edges – and that can come in many forms depending on your church. It involves things like:

  • making sure that your church is regularly praying for people at the edges of church, society and their comfort zones
  • encouraging your church to use Church Mission Society resources: magazines, prayer guides, videos, small group studies
  • keeping your church up to date with news of link mission partners (if yours is a CMS link church) and arranging for them to visit your church
  • encouraging the church to fundraise and give generously to mission
  • encouraging members of the congregation to actively be involved in mission themselves

How does CMS support advocates?

All advocates receive CMS’s core publications like our quarterly magazine and prayer guide. We also keep in touch regularly by email with news and opportunities to help you get your church inspired and involved in God’s mission. You’ll also get invited to special events for advocates and other valued supporters.

How do I become an advocate for mission in my church?

If you have a heart for seeing people at the edges following Jesus, and feel you can encourage your church in mission, get in touch with our church relationships team: on 01865 787523 or email

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