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Gifts in wills

The call in action for years to come:

make a gift in your will to Church Mission Society


Philip Mounstephen
Philip Mounstephen, Executive Leader of Church Mission Society

Dear CMS family member

Now that I have been privileged to lead Church Mission Society for several years, I increasingly find myself moved and humbled by the incredible commitment and loyalty of our supporters. 

Each day, we are encouraged that you, like us, want people to be set free to follow God’s call in mission. 

In our 200 year history, hundreds of thousands of men and women have supported us throughout their lives – as they lived sacrificially for Christ. 

Many left a lasting legacy to CMS, through a gift in their wills. I am writing humbly to ask you to do the same.

You may not be aware that, traditionally, up to a quarter of the money we receive from supporters comes through gifts in wills. 

I must be honest with you – gifts in wills are absolutely vital for us to continue sharing Jesus and changing lives all over the world. 

We fully understand that you will want to remember your family and friends in your will. Yet we sincerely hope that – as a follower of Jesus with a heart for mission – you will also choose to remember our work.

Be assured that we are most grateful for gifts of every size, and commit to using every gift prayerfully and with integrity.

Should you decide you wish to support us in this way, we have created a clear, simple guide to including CMS in your will (download below), which we hope you will find helpful – and which you can take to your solicitor to discuss.

My deepest gratitude for all you do to support mission work around the world: your wonderful service gives life to others

Yours, in his great love

Philip Mounstephen
Executive Leader

PS If you have decided to make a gift to CMS in your will, it would be very helpful if you could let Hannah know on or 01865 787521. Thank you.