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Help people in the UK to know Jesus as Saviour

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"So many in our nation feel utterly abandoned. They matter so dearly to God, and what breaks my heart is that they just don’t know it."

The Rev Jenny Green
"At a recent PCC meeting, we realised our little church had more than doubled in size." - The Rev Jenny Green in Bradford.

Four years ago, Jenny Green moved from working with vulnerable children in Kisoro, Uganda to become a community chaplain in Faxfleet, Bradford.

Here she was confronted with a kind of poverty more profound than she found in Uganda.

“In Kisoro, almost everyone has someone,” Jenny explains. “Although so many are struggling, there is help from extended family networks and the local community. But in Faxfleet, as in many other parts of the UK, community and even primary family structures are so broken that many find themselves destitute.”

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When people who have known little but isolation and rejection discover themselves to be seen, valued and loved, their lives start to change.

Like Leanne (name changed), a single mum with six children, each with a different dad. After starting to come along to Thursday family church, she found faith in Christ and decided to have her children baptised.

“Leanne has such new joy and energy,” says Jenny. “Life is certainly not easy for her, but now she has hope.”

And Jenny makes this plea: “The reality is that so many in our nation feel utterly abandoned and without hope or help. They matter so dearly to God, and what breaks my heart is that they just don’t know it.”

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