Jesus never gives up

  gives up.

Neither should we.

Hellen, a refugee from violent conflict in South Sudan, had every reason in the world to give up – and she almost did. But Jesus didn’t give up on Hellen, and neither did CMS local partners.

Discover how Hellen found peace and hope again – watch her story below. And join us in not giving up.

Jesus never gives up. Neither should we.

How Jesus is bringing peace among South Sudanese refugees…

“I am free… Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He alone is the one who can bring peace…”

Every single person is made in the image of God and is loved by God. Yet violence, poverty and oppression constantly push people to the edges so we can’t – or don’t – see them for who they are.

It turns out, Jesus is at the edges too. And he calls us to join him at the edges so we can meet new friends and discover new life, together.

With Jesus, we’re not giving up:

Overcoming trauma

Hellen and Betty found hope and forgiveness

Dayle’s story

“Jesus, I’ll buy a Bible if my cat lives!”

Steve’s story

“I’d turned my back on God…”

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