Called into Egypt

Local partner Habeeb Kamal shares the gospel with unreached people groups in Egypt and Sudan, through preaching, teaching and discipling believers, and sharing the gospel with people he meets on a day-to-day basis. He told us just a few stories that illustrate the impact of his work.

Habeeb preached at a youth outreach event in a very poor area of Cairo. About 70 young people attended.

As Habeeb preached, God touched many of the young people: “More than 30 guys were crying, asking for God’s forgiveness,” says Habeeb.

One of the young men confessed that he was struggling with sexual sin and deep shame. Could God could ever forgive him? Habeeb and others prayed with him and the young man was left feeling very encouraged and now attends a discipleship group.

Habeeb adds: “What was also really encouraging is that many of the guys that were helping were once themselves far from God but were introduced to God and asked God to come into their life in last year’s conference.”

Men moved to tears

Another time, Habeeb and others he works with arranged a meeting in another part of Egypt for about 200 craftsmen, many of whom struggle with drug addiction.

“God’s presence was very strong to the point that the workers were tearfully praying and asking for God’s forgiveness,”

“One of the men asked to sit with me and told me that he was disappointed with himself and he was wondering if God would accept him after all the sinful things he had done. I prayed and encouraged him through the word of God.”

Having found forgiveness and freedom in Christ, this man has joined Habeeb’s ministry and is now helping others to find that same freedom.

“He is passionate and bold in sharing the gospel and winning others to Christ, whatever their religious background,” says Habeeb.

Encouraged into mission

Habeeb also travels to spend time with and encourage church congregations.

He spent two weeks with a local church in another poor area of Cairo, which was very much in need of encouragement. A number of people had recently left because of things one of the leaders had done.

“Thank God for his wisdom as I was able to minister and help bring reconciliation in the church. I also preached during my time there and the believers were strengthened.”

Additionally, three members of the congregation felt that God was calling them to serve in mission in three different Arab countries. Habeeb and the church prayed for them and sent them out in Jesus’ name.

Women finding Christ

Habeeb also preached at three different evangelism events for women from Upper Egypt. The first event, held in a little town, was attended by about 140 women. Many girls were convicted by Habeeb’s preaching and prayed, wept and asked for God’s forgiveness and for him to come into their lives.

The second event was for about 70 young women from another town. “One of the girls was working as a prostitute and she broke down in tears crying and asking for God’s forgiveness,” says Habeeb. One of the local church leaders is following up with pastoral care.

At the third event, there were more than 60 girls who heard Habeeb’s message. Many came forward and asked God to come into their lives.

Habeeb offered each of them a clean white piece of paper where they could sign their name.

Habeeb explains: “The white paper was a symbol to represent their new life in Christ. Praise God for hearts that he touched.”

The Call in Action: PRAY

Give thanks for the way God is using Habeeb’s ministry and touching many lives. Pray for him as he travels widely in Egypt and please pray for a group of workers who are passionately sharing the gospel in street cafes.

Published 11 April 2019
Europe, Middle East and North Africa

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