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Clean for Good launch

The Clean for Good team in celebratory mood. Photo: Katie Garner

Clean for Good, a brand new ethical cleaning company, was today launched into one of the country's most competitive markets. 

A cleaning company with a difference, Clean for Good is an accredited London Living Wage Employer, and was established with the vision to provide a fairer deal for cleaners and change how cleaning is done across London and throughout UK.

Catherine Pearson, Clean for Good’s Business Manager, said; “Clean for Good takes the ‘Fair Trade’ principle and applies it to the cleaning industry – we know there are organisations who want ethical cleaning and who are prepared to pay a fair price for it.”

Clean for Good was formally launched on 5 October 2017 at a special event in the City of London.

Every day the City relies on an army of ‘hidden’ workers whose hours are anti-social, wages are low and working conditions are often poor. They have little scope for advancement. 

A cleaner wipes a kitchen surface
Wiping the slate clean: Clean for Good is seeking to offer truly ethical cleaning

St Andrew by the Wardrobe, a church in the heart of the City, resolved to challenge this situation and set up a cleaning company that could provide suitable work for cleaners and act as an example to other cleaning companies by paying its workers the Living Wage. 

Clean for Good is committed to providing its employees with paid leave, guaranteed working hours, training and personal development opportunities.

Clean for Good began as an idea in 2014 in the parish of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe in the City of London.

The vicar, the Rev Guy Treweek, wanted to find a practical way to help low-paid workers in the wealthy parish. 

It was Miriam Goodacre, lay missioner at the church, who took the idea of an ethical cleaning company which invested in its workers to a ‘dragon’s den’ competition at the Greenbelt Festival run in collaboration with Church Mission Society. Miriam won the prize of a place on Church Mission Society’s ‘missional entrepreneurship’ course, known as Make Good.

From there, Miriam project managed the planning and setup of the company and by working in partnership with Tim Thorlby at the Centre for Theology & Community and other investors including Church Mission Society, a viable social enterprise was created and a business manager recruited to lead the company.

The launch was an opportunity to celebrate the work done by the Clean for Good team until now, to get the company up and running, and marks the start of a major campaign to find new customers and establish the business as London’s first ethical cleaning provider. The event brought together investors, customers, staff and cleaners as well as supporters.

Jonny Baker, director of Church Mission Society’s mission pioneer programme, drew attention to the fact that St Andrew by the Wardrobe was the church where CMS appointed its first missionaries over 200 years ago. He went on to stress that it’s initiatives like this that will determine the future health of the Church. He said, “Clean for Good is a potent combination of pioneering mission, social enterprise and God’s love. It is practical mission in action.”

The company is seeking to secure cleaning contracts across London with the aim of breaking even financially in 2018 and continuing to grow.

Female cleaner at work in a kitchen
"We believe that cleaning matters and that cleaners matter." Clean for Good is offering an ethical alternative to City of London companies by investing in its cleaning staff.  

The vision for Clean for Good is informed by the Christian faith of Clean for Good’s founders and investors who lead the business and have established a set of values to guide the company’s work at all levels:

  • Relational working – we are a community, not just individuals
  • Justice at work – always a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work
  • Mutual respect – between the cleaner, their team leader and our customers
  • Joy of cleaning – cleaning matters as a service to others and should be a satisfying and rewarding experience

Some 75 per cent of shares are owned by three Christian charities – the Parish of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, the Centre for Theology & Community and Church Mission Society – who lead and the company and ensure its social purpose. The company will recruit, work for and work with anyone, regardless of their beliefs.

Clean for Good is a fully accredited Living Wage Employer. Only a handful of small cleaning companies in London have this designation. 

This story was updated on 27 October 2017 to better reflect the team involved in setting up Clean for Good.