Daily inspiration: Faith Vitamins

Screen shot from the YouTube version of Faith Vitamins

“Someone shows up to get you through the day,” says one listener to Faith Vitamins, started by CMS local partner Noel Diaz (seen here in a YouTube screenshot) and his church members.

CMS partner’s five-minute audio messages with the good news of Jesus are “like water in the desert” to grateful listeners around the world

When lockdown happened, churches around the world had to think differently about how to reach people with the message of Jesus.

Noel Diaz is a CMS local partner who leads a church in Zaragoza, Spain. Faced with lockdown, church members were inspired to think outside the box.

Wanting to revitalise the church of Zaragoza and evangelise the wider community, Noel and others from his church hit upon the idea of Faith Vitamins: audio messages around five minutes long, each including a Bible verse, reflection and prayer.

“It feels like walking through a great desert and every day someone shows up and gives you water to get through the day.”

Listener from Seville, Spain

These short messages could connect people with the church and help them to engage with God without risk of infection from Covid-19. Noel and others started preparing and distributing three messages a week. Soon enough, signups started flooding in.

Upping the ante and seeing results

With close to 400 subscriptions through WhatsApp, email and Telegram, they decided to up their content to six messages a week.

These Faith Vitamins have had such an impact that Noel and the team receive testimonies and thanks every day. They have attracted Spanish-speaking listeners from the Americas too.

“Listening to these messages gives me a lot of peace and tranquility, especially in these moments of so much crisis in the world and especially in my country. They fill me with faith and strength, and I learn about the Word of God.”

Listener from Venezuela

A sister from Santander phoned Noel to share her testimony of how God had changed her life, and that it all started with Faith Vitamins.

She had previously tried to end her life several times (and kept her struggles a secret from her family) but when she came out of hospital after the last time, she saw a Facebook post about Faith Vitamins and signed up. As she listened to each reflection, God began to help her.

When she spoke to Noel, she had been honest with her family about what was really going on, sought professional help and linked up with a church. Her life has changed completely, and it all started with listening to an audio reflection.

“These little vitamins can jumpstart you when you feel overwhelmed and you think you can’t go on.”

Listener from Santander, Spain

Noel says: “The first days of lockdown were very frustrating and discouraging, because everything we had planned for this year was totally up in the air. But the situation made us more united in prayer.

“We realised that even though the church can’t meet together in person, we can still be united in faith and spirit and worship God together from our own homes.

“Lockdown was also helpful in finding new ways of spreading the message, drawing on new technologies.”

“Hearing these messages makes us focus not only on the physical part of our world, but on the spiritual transformation that is happening during this pandemic that is opening our eyes to an even deeper dimension than what we have seen so far.”

Listener from USA

From interim to enduring

Currently, Noel and five others are working together to ensure a message is available each day, and that the messages are broadcast on the radio and posted on YouTube, as well as being sent directly to subscribers.

“The Faith Vitamins help me to reflect every day on the word of God, make my faith grow and above all they give me encouragement during this pandemic.”

Listener from El Salvador

It’s clear that God is at work here, touching hearts through these audio messages.

Even though Faith Vitamins were originally designed as a temporary measure because of lockdown, Noel and the team have no plans to stop making and distributing their audio messages just yet.

Faith Vitamins are such a success that it looks like this lockdown initiative might be here to stay.

Published 15 October 2020
Europe, Middle East and North Africa

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