Freedom from sex work, new life in Jesus

Two smiling Indian women, one face blurred, holding Bible

Travelling the road to freedom together: CMS Local partner Helen and Chinda (identity protected)

Chinda lives in Thailand. She was trapped in an abusive marriage for many years. Finally, fearing for her children’s safety, one day she found the courage to leave.

People on the edges of society often don’t believe Jesus could ever love them. It takes caring people to show them Jesus is for them. Your gift to our Harvest Appeal will help our local partners reveal the truth of God’s love to people like Chinda and help them become followers of Jesus.

As a single mother, money was tight. Chinda’s 10-year-old son was unwell and needed daily medication. She struggled to pay for this and her daughter’s school fees.

Desperate to provide for her children, and finding it impossible to get a job where she could earn a living wage, Chinda was forced into sex work. She hated it but she could see no other way – until she met CMS local partner Helen.

Women Jesus loves

As a trauma counsellor, Helen longs to see people live an abundant life free from oppression. God has given Helen special compassion for women working in red light districts – she doesn’t just see sex workers, she sees women Jesus loves, women who need a friend.

Almost every day, Helen visits the bars, massage parlours and other places that employ women for sex work. She spends an hour or two in each place, getting to know the owners and the women who work there.

One evening, Helen noticed Chinda, who was standing in a corner looking deeply unhappy. Helen started chatting with her and invited her to play pool. They played a few rounds. Helen asked questions. For once, someone was taking a genuine interest in Chinda as a person.

Genuine friendship

Helen started meeting Chinda regularly for coffee and building a genuine friendship. Soon, they were talking about God and praying together. Chinda eventually found the courage to leave the sex industry and start a new life. She chose to follow Jesus very soon after.

Chinda knew that Jesus played a big part in making these changes happen. She was talking to Jesus daily and was always moved to tears whenever Helen would pray for her.

One afternoon, Chinda was sharing with Helen how much her life had changed over the past few months: because of Helen and her team, Chinda has received trauma counselling, got her driving licence, learned new skills and now desires to go back to school to finish her education.

women praying together
Helen might never have met Chinda and showed her the love of Jesus without support from you and other faithful, generous people. Donate now to support workers like her.

A hard road to freedom

Today, there are many more people like Chinda in Thailand and across the world who don’t feel worthy of Jesus’ love, but who Jesus wants to reach.

Escaping the sex industry is incredibly difficult and it’s usually not something a woman can do without help.

Women are often promised they can make 16 times more money than the minimum wage through sex work – and the pressure to provide for their family means they feel they have no choice but to sell themselves.

Abused and ashamed, their dignity is eroded and they feel worthless. Any control they had over their own lives is taken away. And, worst of all, they begin to believe that this life of pain and humiliation is all they deserve.

But local partner Helen knows differently, and together we can show women like Chinda their true value and identity in Jesus Christ.

By giving to support CMS local partners today:

  • You could support women like Chinda as they begin their journey with Jesus
  • You could enable Helen to continue helping desperate women at the edges of society to meet Jesus and build a new life
  • You could help other CMS local partners to reach out to other people on the margins

Too often, people at the edges of society like Chinda are forgotten, shunned or not seen. CMS local partners like Helen know that this is not God’s way.

Published 6 September 2021

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