Hope for the Future: God at Work

Hope for the Future: God at Work

3 and 4 March 2023

CMS Southern conference 2023: Online event, with guests Alison Giblett, mission partner in Ukraine, and Russian-born Anton Ponomarev of Faith to Share.

The annual CMS Southern conference takes place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 March 2023.

Guest speakers are Anton Ponomarev, Faith to Share manager, and Alison Giblett, mission partner currently serving in Ukraine.

The chaplain is Rev Carol Morgan.

Anton Ponomarev

Born and raised in Russia, Anton has been working in the UK and globally since 2003 in a variety of mission roles. Currently Anton is working with the Faith to Share network with particular focus on network membership engagement, leadership development and research and support of emerging mission movements. His passion for ecumenical and mission work also brought him to being on the board of Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative, bringing together evangelical and Orthodox leaders in the areas of mutual understanding, dialogue and mission.

Alison Giblett

Alison Giblett (pictured above) was born into a missionary family in Manarom Thailand and grew up in Papua New Guinea.  She travelled widely with her family before going to Newcastle Australia for tertiary education to study computer science.

Alison has committed the majority of her life to serving in the Former Soviet Union. The first 8 years in Russia with IFES student evangelism and then rehab, then 18 years in Kiev Ukraine. Primarily leading an inner healing ministry called Genesis and mission through the local church.

 She comes with 20 years of working with addicted people with various life controlling habits.

During the Russia Ukraine conflict, Alison chose to stay in Ukraine initially fleeing the attack on Kiev and then returning to help bring spiritual, emotional and physical restoration to the region.

Take part

The conference is taking place on Zoom. To book your place, please email Jane Fulford on janecfulford6@gmail.com