Pioneering Parishes: Starting Out

Pioneering Parishes: Starting Out

Thursdays at 7.30pm: 7 and 21 September, 5 and 19 October

A series of webinars to help parishes start to move their energy outwards, become more pioneering and network with others

Tools to help parishes become more pioneering

Four evening webinars presented by Tina Hodgett and Greg Bakker, hosted by CMS and the South Central Regional Training Partnership.

The four evening webinar series will provide a number of tools to help parishes become more pioneering in their outlook and approach.

When is it?

  • Four fortnightly Thursday evenings in 2023, 7.30pm to 9pm
  • Dates: 7 and 21 September, 5 and 19 October
  • On zoom

Who’s it for?

PCC members, parish clergy, people exploring a pioneer call, diocesan parish support staff, anyone searching for tools to help them shift the energy of the parish outwards beyond the church walls.

What can I expect?

A space for sharing practical wisdom, an entry to a community of practice, informality, warmth and fun, a set of fresh lenses for viewing parish life, stories from practitioners

What content will we cover?

Over the four evenings we will have conversations about the key strategic tasks for parish life:

  • Adopting shared values with the church and community as a basis for all decision making
  • Shaping a missional consensus and prioritising principles over personal preference
  • Enabling a re-directing of resources towards those who are unconnected
  • Enabling those with a specific call to pioneering and advocating for pioneering
  • Fostering a permission-giving, risk-taking culture, and letting go of control

How much does it cost?

The basic cost is a total fee of £10 for all four sessions (£2.50 each).

If you bring a team from your church the maximum you need to pay is £50, any additional participants are free.

The real cost for the facilitation is much higher, so if you feel able to contribute a little more you are helping to support the continuing growth of this work. But please come and join us either way. We’d love to see you.

Previous participants’ comments


Alis Mascarenhas, PCC member, St Mary’s Brighstone churchyard project

‘I joined the first Pioneering Parish course to find out how I could support our pioneer minister…I never thought I’d now be spending most of the week serving and sharing God’s love with 800 families across our twinned parishes.’

Roger Hutton, church warden, St Philip’s Cosham