Pioneering Practices for an Adaptive Church

Pioneering Practices for an Adaptive Church

3pm, 18 January 2023

A webinar with Dustin Benac

Come join a conversation with Dr Dustin Benac, director of the Program for the Future Church at Baylor University, about his new book, Adaptive Church: Collaboration and Community in a Changing World.

Drawing upon original empirical research, this conversation will explore the practices, organisational conditions, and forms of analysis that can enrich pioneering practices in and for communities of faith.

“Adaptive Church offers church leaders, pioneers and those who support and resource them some real gold for thinking about system change at organisational or diocesan level. I am going to be talking up this book and its insights and am looking forward to the conversations at the webinar.”

Jonny Baker, Church Mission Society

“Becoming adaptive to the world as it is, not the world as it was, in churches and the systems that support them is vital for our future. I am very much looking forward to this conversation.”

Nigel Rooms, Church Mission Society