Agustín and Teresa Maidana, Paraguay


Agustín and Teresa Maidana, Paraguay

Bringing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ not only in our immediate environment, but also to the indigenous communities of our country

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Agustín is Vicar General of the IAP (Anglican Church of Paraguay), leading the meetings of the executive committee, officiating at services and travelling between Asunción and Concepción.

There is a great need to train as many men and women leaders of the indigenous communities as possible, with the objective of becoming self-sustaining so that they truly become an Indigenous Anglican Church, which is the true desire of our Chaco brothers and sisters.

We dedicate 10 days a month to visit four communities, travelling a total of 1,200km, creating work groups in each of them, forming and training leaders for the different ministries within the church, training in groups of women in sewing and making clothing and other crafts, projects for the sale of their typical handicrafts as well as guiding the management of their homes, recently provided by the government.

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Agustín’s story

I began regular visits to the Paraguayan Chaco in 2010, while still being senior pastor at San Andrés Church located in Asunción, the capital of the country.

In 2012, after suffering a massive myocardial heart attack, the Lord placed in my heart a strong call to dedicate more time to the ministry in the Chaco. In 2014 I received the certificate of sending as a missionary to the Anglican Church in Chaco, while continuing to support the pastoral ministry within San Andrés Church.

And in 2016, when I retired, I continued the ministry in the Chaco with my wife, dedicating ourselves specifically to the formation and training of pastors and leaders.

Being part of CMS means that together we support and challenge each other. Knowing other realities and other ways of working, we still need each other to advance in the extension of the kingdom of God.

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