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Andrew and Lisa Peart - Bolivia

We believe that we are called to help strengthen communities, see people flourish and further his kingdom through our gifts of hospitality and relational leadership. We see our role as being a catalyst for change to strengthen, empower and reconnect communities.

We will be based at the Christ the Light of the World Church, Santa Cruz, in the Diocese of Bolivia, where we will initially be involved with current church programmes. Our hope is then to work alongside the church leadership to establish sustainable initiatives in the local community that minister to the needs of the people.


To share the gospel message and use our gifts to demonstrate Jesus’ love in action.


We will be based at the Christ the Light of the World Church, Santa Cruz.

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Andrew came to faith in his early teens and has since had his faith tested and deepened through different challenges and experiences. His calling has been to reflect Jesus’ love and heart for people and he believes that God is calling him to take the next step in his faith journey and to be in mission in a community that is disconnected from Jesus.

Lisa became a believer in her mid-thirties through an Alpha course in London after being invited by Andrew, her then-boyfriend, now husband. She was born and raised in the midwestern United States, one of nine children, where she attended church regularly was baptised and confirmed out of obedience to her parents. During the Alpha course, she discovered that she could have a relationship with Jesus; this was eye-opening, heart-transforming and humbling. Answering Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples of all nations” she is excited to go to Santa Cruz with Andrew. With our two lovely girls, Liliana and Anayah, we make a great team and are committed to building loving, grace filled relationships with trust and integrity.

We believe that God is equipping and sending us out to share the love and transforming power of Jesus with people. We are part of Church Mission Society because we and they agree that the world deserves and needs to know Jesus.

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