Andrew and Lisa Peart, Bolivia

Andrew and Lisa Peart, Bolivia

Partnering with the local church to strengthen its missional outreach to schools, residents and businesses.

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Santa Cruz is one of the fastest growing cities in South America. As well as being Bolivia’s financial centre, its rapid change has resulted in significant socio-economic challenges such as reducing educational opportunities, healthcare shortages, social instability, infrastructure issues, worsening sanitation and increasing corruption.

The church that we are connected to, Cristo Luz del Mundo (meaning “Christ the Light of the World”), is located within the heart of the financial and residential centre. It is well placed to connect to and engage missionally with the burgeoning community of middle-class professionals, businesses and families.

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Andrew and Lisa’s story

BREAKING NEWS: We are launching a new microfinance initiative.
Our vision
  • For people to flourish through gaining financial freedom.
Our mission
  • To build a fund that invests to change lives.
Our difference
  • We do not charge interest
  • We make a return on capital for investors through dividend payments from profits.
  • We provide financial education for each funding recipient.
  • We invest capital to start or grow a business.
  • We finance investment through debt debentures.
  • We continue to coach, mentor and disciple for sustainable success.

Investments for UK taxpayers are approved by HMRC UK for the Social Investment Tax Relief scheme (SITR).

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We work as part of a team to increase engagement with the local community. Building upon our church’s existing outreach programmes of “Messy Church in the park” and parenting classes in local schools, we aim to strengthen relationships between church and community as well as intentionally seek community input on pioneering initiatives.

Drawing on our background in business and hospitality, we continue to develop a micro-enterprise programme as a means for economic empowerment, seeking to build a sustainable future for the local community. We focus on building relationships through friendship, discipling and mentoring.

It is vital for the Anglican Church in Bolivia to become financially self-sustainable. To assist with this, we will be working alongside leadership, drawing on the church’s significant infrastructure to develop viable streams of income and enabling a secure long term future for the church.

Lisa grew up in the US, Andrew in the UK and we met in London while working in hotel management. Having returned to Santa Cruz following mission partner training, we consider it a privilege to serve the Bolivian and wider church community as we respond to and trust in God’s calling on our lives.

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