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Anna Sims - Peru

Although I was brought up in a Christian family, I turned away from God as a teenager. I know firsthand that he is a God of many chances and have seen in my own life how he used others to draw me back to him, making a re-commitment when I was 21.

I supported cross-cultural mission, but it wasn’t ever something I considered doing myself. With a background of arts education in museums and galleries, I first fell in love with Latin America while working on a number of different arts projects. When I returned from a short-term arts projects in Ecuador I felt God prompting me and decided to explore the possibility of returning to Latin America longer-term. I came to Lima with Church Mission Society in September 2013.


I am passionate about God, Latin America, people and the arts.


I work as part of the Vida Cristiana y Formación (Christian Life and Formation) team, supporting the Church in discipleship at a national and local level.

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In John 10:10 Jesus says he has “come to give life and life in abundance”- I know this to be true. God is a relational and creative God and is using my previous experiences and my love of people to come alongside others and be part of their faith journey.

The Bishop of Peru created the Christian Life and Formation team to address the need for discipleship across the diocese. I am part of this team, currently in the primary stages of the initiative, spending time with each church and identifying strengths and weaknesses so that the diocese as a whole and individual churches can encourage and equip Christians to apply their faith to their daily lives.

The next phase involves making recommendations for the Church at a national level and accompanying individual congregations, supporting them with discipleship resources and training. I also continue to support a number of other activities, including children’s and pastoral work at my church in Lima, La Ascensión.

I appreciate how CMS and I explored my calling together. I value the prayer support that I receive through the CMS network with Christians, many of whom I have never met, faithfully praying for me using CMS Prayerlines.

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