Anne Plested, Israel/Palestine

Anne Plested, Israel/Palestine

Teaching English and supporting the team at Bethlehem Bible College.

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I am called to serve the local people, the Church and Bethlehem Bible College – to teach, talk about faith and share the love of the Lord. I help with English for students and fundraising at the college. This means that more students will be able to improve their educational and job prospects by becoming fluent in English. I am also drawn to people living on the margins (such as those in the Occupied Palestinian Territories) – to share in their joys and struggles.

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Anne’s story

I was born into a Christian family – as a child regularly attending church, Sunday school and convent schools. In my 20s, the realisation of God’s love led to a conscious decision to follow God through Jesus Christ and I began working in mission, particularly with those living on the edge. This became manifest when I left my work as a medical secretary to train in agriculture in order to work in overseas development. My degree in agriculture was followed by an MA in development studies. I lived and worked for 15 years in The Gambia: five years with VSO and a school farm and garden programme, and 10 years as a CMS mission partner with the local Anglican Church, coordinating the activities of the diocesan development office. This included agriculture, education, health and work with refugees. My faith deepened throughout that time in The Gambia, when I developed a deeper awareness of applying the Christian faith through practical acts of service. In 1996 I became a Tertiary in the Society of St Francis.

I also lived for five years in community at Pilsdon in Dorset. Life in community had its challenges, but also revealed the Kingdom to me – a place of welcome, prayer, life on the edge and healing.

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