Azaria and David Pocasangre, Guatemala

Azaria and David Pocasangre, Guatemala

Supporting vulnerable communities, especially young people and families, through partnership with the local church.

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In Guatemala many children and young people are growing up in extremely challenging contexts, such as vulnerable communities where there are high risks of violence, abuse and neglect, or in children’s homes having been separated from their families.

We are passionate about discipling young people, particularly those who come from such challenging contexts. We feel called to come alongside young people, and by extension their families, and accept them as they are, helping them develop their relationship with God and grow more and more into who God made them to be. We love to use creativity, the arts and music to engage young people, helping them explore and express themselves at the same time as learning new skills.

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Through our distinct experiences of Guatemala, David as a Guatemalan and Azaria as someone who has lived and served in Guatemala for several years, we can see both the beautiful and rich culture and some of the more complex and challenging life circumstances. We know and feel in our hearts that God has called us here together to join in with what he is already doing for his people. God’s heart is for the most vulnerable and so is ours.

We consider it a privilege to be able to serve in partnership with our local church in Guatemala City as we minister to children and young people in vulnerable communities and contexts. We are able to engage in mentoring young people, where we can come alongside and share life together with them, creating a safe environment for them where they can find positive adult interaction and support as they grow up. It is great to be able to support and equip other mentors as they serve and go into children’s homes to build these crucial, healthy adult–child relationships with children and young people who currently cannot be with their biological families.

We love exploring creative ways to help children and young people learn and grow in new skills. We find art, music and singing are great ways to connect with them and enable them to express themselves more deeply. We actively seek ways to share God’s love and teach about his heart and the gospel with them also. We are excited to see how we can engage more with the families of these children and young people and in turn the wider community they live in. We are also passionate about helping others in their walk with God, through expressions of worship and creativity.

We met in June 2021 while both volunteering at the same project. At the time Azaria was one of the directors of a creative youth centre and David was starting a new music school and volunteering as a singing teacher at the youth centre. Very quickly we realised we shared a passion to serve God through working with vulnerable children and young people, especially through using creative means such as art and music alongside intentional discipleship. We married in Guatemala in November 2023 and are excited to see how God continues to lead us as we serve in ministry together.

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