Azaria Spencer, Guatemala

Azaria Spencer, Guatemala

Coming alongside and discipling at-risk children and young adults and empowering them to pursue their dreams.

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I’m passionate about loving and empowering those often neglected by society. Like children at risk because they live in a context where neglect, abuses of various kinds, prostitution and gangs are on their doorstep – children whom God loves. Or young adults who society expects little or nothing from, who without support will fulfil those expectations – young adults whom God has called his own. Or people who suffer because they are somehow different or disabled – people may fear others who are not like themselves, but God chooses us not despite our imperfections but because of them.

My call has led me to Guatemala and ministry with street-connected children and young people at risk. A friend recently reminded me how this must be a God given calling because “why else would a lady from Yorkshire love a bunch of Guatemalan youth so much?”

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Azaria’s story

I am working in partnership with Street Kids Direct, a foundation offering at-risk street-connected children and young people the opportunity to receive mentoring, be equipped with life skills and supporting them to make positive life choices. Specifically, I am discipling youth as they explore and grow in relationship with God. Alongside this I am supporting and helping them find opportunities as they discover and pursue their dreams and life goals. Already I see transformation as their lives have been positively impacted through consistency, having a safe place and God’s love.

At the age of 12, I asked Jesus into my life and at 16, during a mission trip in India, God broke my heart for those suffering in poverty. I simply knew from that moment that I would serve in overseas mission with people trapped by not only material poverty but poverty of mind and spirit. At 21 God led me to study a degree in theology for ministry. My desire is to help others learn about God and disciple people into fuller relationships with him.

Having my call confirmed by others has been humbling and exciting. Being in partnership with Church Mission Society is a blessing because of the support and accountability created as people like me are enabled to minister overseas, developing relationships in God’s worldwide Church.

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