Bev Cannon, Ecuador

Bev Cannon, Ecuador

Working with a multicultural church, helping them go to the edges and meeting a variety of practical and spiritual needs within the church

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At Cuenca Christian Church, there is a need for training for those going to the edges, practical help for those starting a new life in a new country and pastoral care for others who are far from home.

My main focus is taking the church to the edges by raising up missional leaders from within the congregation. Working with my husband Johnny, pastor of the church, I disciple people in the church through training and mentoring, equipping them to reach their own communities with the gospel.

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Bev’s story

I have a passion for discipling and teaching people and I love exploring new, creative opportunities for developing and empowering people. I want to enable people to lead full, God-centred lives and to know the calling, sending and equipping of the Holy Spirit.

The church is a diverse mix of Ecuadorians, Venezuelans and North Americans and the breadth of backgrounds, experiences and lifestyles within the church means there is also a variety of needs within the church.

Most of the Venezuelan families are economic refugees, who are often exploited and struggle to gain permanent employment in Ecuador. They need a lot of practical support as they navigate this new country and begin their lives here. As a church, we have provided food, clothes, medical supplies and shelter, and financial support to enable other family members to join their loved ones here from Venezuela. We have also started a series of local workshops for Venezuelan women, teaching them to make jewellery and soaps to sell and help them earn some money.

We also have many North Americans in the church, mainly retired expats, who are away from their usual support networks and therefore have a great need for pastoral care, support and good fellowship. I help coordinate and provide counselling, prayer, teaching and studying, and invest in building friendships through spending time with women in the church and being involved in the physical, mental and spiritual care of everyone who needs it. In the future, we also hope to host teaching conferences for the whole family.

In everything I do, I look to see what Jesus is already doing and seek to join in with what he is doing. As God leads people to the church, I long to lead the congregation in sharing the gospel in a meaningful and real way through loving and caring for people, breaking the chains of suffering and injustice and helping people step into God’s freedom.

I served as a missionary in Paraguay for five years, most recently at St. Andrew’s Chapel Asuncion and the affiliated bilingual school, Colegio San Andres. I met my husband Johnny, who is from Ecuador, during the pandemic and we were married in April 2022.

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