Bev Cannon, Paraguay

Bev Cannon, Paraguay

Sharing the gospel contextually through working as a school chaplain at Colegio San Andres (CSA), developing the next generation of leaders.

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I am excited to be part of discipling, enabling and training the next generation of Christian leaders in mission and ministry in Paraguay.

I am part of a chaplaincy team at Colegio San Andres (CSA) in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, offering prayer and pastoral support, discipleship and spiritual guidance to staff and students, as well as educational support to students, teachers, staff and parents. I regularly speak at assemblies and lead staff devotions, Bible meditations with female cleaning staff and weekly prayer meetings with the mothers of children at CSA. I draw on what I learned through CMS’s Pioneer Mission Leadership Training to explore new ways of doing mission and church, both in the school and St Andrew’s Chapel.

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Bev’s story

I am the licensed pastoral worker at St Andrew’s Chapel, an international, English-speaking congregation closely connected to the school, where I am involved in discipleship and networking with church leaders and other people in mission. I am greatly encouraged to see God use the chapel to equip and train young international Christians – even through online activities during the coronavirus lockdowns we have seen young men and women growing in faith and stepping into their calling.

CSA, or St Andrew’s College, is a bilingual Christian school with around 400 pupils aged 3–18. The school is part of the work of the Anglican Diocese of Paraguay. Every aspect of education has a solid Christian foundation and staff – a mix of Paraguayan and English-speaking teachers – are passionate about pupils coming to know Jesus for themselves. The school has been going through a phase of transition, making pastoral care particularly important.

I’ve been involved with the Anglican Church in Paraguay since September 2017, at both the school and chapel, as well as teaching English and IGSCE child development prior to starting my current role. I’ve been involved in preaching at and leading Sunday services in the chapel, a weekly Bible study group, prayer and discipleship groups to support young women and one-to-one counselling.

When I first came to Paraguay I felt I’d come home, as so much was familiar from time with my late husband and his family in Spain and the Caribbean. This underlined my sense of calling and, along with previous experience in the UK, helped to equip me for my role. In the UK I worked on an NHS-funded project in primary healthcare as well as volunteering as a chaplain with local faith organisations working with young adults, providing pastoral care and support to those in need of physical, emotional, social and spiritual healing.

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