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Bisoke Balikenga - DR Congo

Bisoke is the provincial youth coordinator for the Anglican Church of the Congo.

Based in Bunia, eastern DR Congo, he worked with CMS mission partner Judy Acheson for many years and then took over the role from her in 2009, when Judy retired. He is Church Mission Society's longest-standing local partner in Africa.

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Bisoke is married to Furaha, and has three children. He has been involved in youth activities since 1989, and studied at Daystar University in Kenya. He describes his vision as reaching “young people with the gospel, enabling them to discern the way forwards and to make informed decisions”.

He is also passionate about raising up young “Christian patriots”, who can contribute to the fight against poverty and work towards the reconstruction of DR Congo and the Republic of the Congo. Bisoke works in several dioceses across these countries, and is committed to training youth workers and promoting youth work throughout the region.

Recently, Bisoke has been working among the Pygmy peoples of central Africa, whose homelands have been devastated by logging, war and encroachment from farmers. He is currently talking with the Pygmy community to find out how he and other Anglicans there can best meet its needs. Pygmies are often mistreated in this region, and Bisoke is committed to respecting their place in their community: “They should still be considered like any other human being with rights,” he said in a recent interview. “We need to give hope to Pygmies who are mostly neglected by the society here in Congo.”

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