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Catherine Lee - Taiwan

The Taiwan Episcopal Church is small but very active. My role is to encourage and support the mission and outreach of the Church as it tries to witness in a politically isolated, insecure and fearful nation, and to help it to be a bridge between east and west within the international church community.

I first felt called to join Church Mission Society while serving as a primary school teacher in Heighington, County Durham. In 1990 I went with CMS to Tanzania, first to Isamilo Primary School, Mwanza, then to Canon Andrea Mwaka Primary School, Dodoma, spending three-four years in each place. In 1999, CMS began expanding its ministry in Asia and as I was looking for a new challenge, I accepted the invitation to move to Taiwan.


To serve, share, and support the ministry of the Church in Taiwan


Working with the Taiwan Episcopal Church, based at St John’s University, Taipei, I am supporting the church, chaplaincy and kindergarten ministry of the Diocese of Taiwan.

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For seven years I served in St James’ Episcopal Church, Taichung, primarily teaching in the church kindergarten and in outreach to the local community through adult English classes. Since 2007, I have been at St John’s University, Taipei, based at the university chaplaincy. I work with students, church members and in the local community. I help churches and kindergartens within the Diocese of Taiwan through English and Bible classes; I also act as a liaison in international mission partnerships, and communication support for the Bishop of Taiwan, the Rt Rev David JH Lai. Every day is different, the variety of ministry is huge, and God is at work!

God calls, we say “yes”; and so we set off for places unknown, cultures unfamiliar, challenges unimagined. CMS helps us to make that journey and fulfil our calling; its history, experience and expertise help us connect to the worldwide church and to be able to support local churches who love, pray and bless us to go in Christ’s name.

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