Christian Donoso Castillo, Chile


Christian Donoso Castillo, Chile

Leading a church planting team and making disciples in urban Chile

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I am dedicated to discipleship and the planting of the new church in Lomas de San Sebastián, Concepción.

As a pastor I will lead the planting of a new Anglican church in an influential residential sector of the city. There is currently only one Protestant church in that area. The planting dynamic will provide the gospel and therefore a renewal in Christ of the urban sector.

My role will be to train and guide the planting team and the new church in a dynamic of disciples who make disciples and form new missionary communities in Lomas de San Sebastián. This in turn will form the new church trained to plant more churches.

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Christian’s story

I am Chilean and at 18 I was saved by grace and by the power of the life, death and resurrection of Christ while I was starting university.

When I was in my final year studying to be an environmental engineer, God placed a strong desire in my heart to know and study his word more deeply. Through this process God used people from the church to encourage and support me.

He in his wisdom and kindness united me with Faby, my current wife. Together we undertook this incredible call to study theology at the seminary of the Anglican Church in Chile.

These last 10 years God has used the City to City ministry to renew our hearts in the gospel, sow a strong desire to plant new churches, and anchor in our hearts the glorious call of Jesus, to make disciples in everyday life. Together with my wife and three children, we want these next 10 years to plant new churches in Concepción for the glory of God.

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