Daniel and Sarah Brito Medeiros, Brazil

Daniel and Sarah Brito Medeiros, Brazil

Working with ReVive, a safe house for girls at risk, Sarah as a dance therapist and Daniel as an advocate for at-risk children.

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Many children in Brazil are born into poverty and live in fear, often as a result of abuse and violence with some forced to live on the streets. Girls living on the streets are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Our heart is for these girls to encounter God’s presence and find healing and wholeness, which is why we are working with ReVive International. It’s a ministry started by CMS mission partners which restores lives and renews hope for abused and exploited girls in Brazil.

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Daniel and Sarah’s story

Daniel is from Recife, near where ReVive is based, and has a background in public relations; he is networking with churches and charities to raise awareness of ReVive’s work and funding for this vital mission.

Sarah is a dance therapist. While teaching ballet to children who lived near a rubbish dump in Brazil in 2006, she was inspired to do an MA in Dance Movement Therapy to help with emotional well-being. Dance can bring order, dignity and serenity to chaotic lives and Sarah’s experiences in an HTB healing room dance team gave her the skills to help girls encounter God’s presence and find healing from trauma.

We met in 2005 as we both worked with street children in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We had both read the book Street Children of Brazil by Sarah de Carvalho and were inspired to go deeper with this kind of ministry. In 2007 we got engaged and the following year were married in England. We always knew that we would return to Brazil one day to continue working with street children.

In 2015, we returned with our two children, Sophie (now aged eight) and Ana (six) to work for two years with teenage mothers in Recife. It was a huge privilege and joy to share the love of God with these precious girls and their babies. Towards the end of the two years we felt there was more for us to do in Brazil and we moved back to the UK in January 2018 to pursue our mission calling.

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