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Doug and Jacqui Marshall - Malta

Malta has had some of the highest numbers of asylum seekers per capita in Europe. They have not been universally well received and integration is very difficult. Being excluded from wider society alienates and condemns people. We are trying to build bridges so that all people feel included in society.

Frequently language and cultural differences in communication cause unnecessary problems so cultural mediation is a key part of what we do. Our work varies greatly, depending on people’s needs and the situations they find themselves in. But we are relational in our approach, which often allows talking about spiritual matters.


To serve those who have fallen into the cracks of society


Helping asylum seekers recover their lives

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We met while working in southern Sudan, implementing safe water sources in emergency environments. Jacqui had previously worked in Madagascar and Doug in Afghanistan. Jacqui hails from Scotland but spent most of her childhood abroad, mainly in Bahrain. She has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Doug also studied mechanical engineering, obtaining a diploma in design. He subsequently gained a BA (Hons) from All Nations Christian College. We have two young children – Ethan and Chloe. They keep us on our toes and amaze us with their personality and wit.

Being part of Church Mission Society means belonging to a large spiritual community – one which extends beyond the current staff who work in Oxford to include many former mission partners and churches who support mission. We are constantly encouraged by this large cohort of people who stand behind us in prayer and practice.