Etsegeri Emmanuel, DR Congo


Etsegeri Emmanuel, DR Congo

Leading discipleship in the Diocese of Aru, using the Rooted in Jesus course to equip Christians across the diocese to live out their faith

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Discipleship is very important in the Christian life – to equip each of us to become mature in our faith, and to share the love of God through our words and our actions.

I am the coordinator of Christian education in the Diocese of Aru.

The main resource we use for discipleship in our diocese is the Rooted in Jesus course, which helps Christians, whether new to faith or following Jesus for a long time, to deepen their understanding of their faith and to see their Jesus shape their lives.

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Etsegeri’s story

The Diocese of Aru is in the north-east of DR of Congo, not far from the borders with Uganda and South Sudan. There is instability in the region, and travel around the diocese is extremely challenging. There are also several different languages spoken here, and we try to make sure that people can access discipleship materials in their mother tongue.

My role is to facilitate Rooted in Jesus groups that are meeting in different areas. This means supporting leaders by visiting in person and following up by phone, encouraging groups as they face challenges and delays, organising the translation of materials into the different local languages and ensuring groups have those resources. I also visit each group when they finish the course to present certificates.

Participants in the courses have spoken about how they had an impact, with one commenting: “Before Rooted in Jesus we were in ignorance about Jesus Christ, what he asked his disciples to do, and how to know the will of God. This teaching is very important, and if we all put it into practice, our church will truly grow and change.”

After finishing school I worked as a teacher, before the church recommended me for theological training. I studied in Bunia (south of Aru, still in Ituri Province), then later took a degree in theology at the Universite de Salama Aru (having worked with the diocese in between).

I then worked with CMS mission partner Peter Wyard in Christian education in the Diocese of Aru. Peter mentored me throughout his time in DRC, and I took up my current role when Peter retired.

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