Evaldo Reid Rodrigues, Brazil

Evaldo Reid Rodrigues, Brazil

Lawyer advocating for adoption and fostering for children on behalf of ReVive, which works with abused and at-risk children.

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Evaldo is currently serving in Olinda, north east Brazil, alongside ReVive International, an organisation running safe houses for children who have suffered abuse or exploitation and advocating for the development of fostering and adoption.

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Evaldo’s story

Against a backdrop of colourful architecture and glittering beaches, Olinda has high levels of poverty and inequality. This leaves many children and young people living on the streets, vulnerable to drug addiction, sexual and physical abuse, trafficking and prostitution. Many young people grow up lacking the motivation and knowledge to break the crippling cycle of poverty and abuse.

Evaldo has many roles. As a lawyer, he deals with the legal paperwork at ReVive and offers assistance with individual court cases. He is also helping ReVive navigate the red tape to implement a fostering programme in Olinda (currently only five per cent of the cities in north east Brazil have a fostering system). This means that future ReVive girls can be cared for and start to flourish in families rather than safe houses. Evaldo’s vision is to gradually establish a network of Christian lawyers who are able to volunteer their time to help in three areas: representing those in favelas who can’t afford legal fees, advocating for children’s rights and assisting organisations, projects and NGOs such as ReVive.

He is married to Rebecca, who was a CMS short-termer working with ReVive. She currently based in the UK as part of the couple’s plan to move back to the UK in the near future.

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