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Faith Gordon - Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country with many natural resources but unfortunately it is also a nation in crisis, affected by corruption and other vices. There are deep social and economic divisions in secular society and in the church.

I am director of the Centre for Mission Training for Operation Mobilisation (Brazil), responsible for overseeing the work of the coordinators and trainers who provide intensive mission training courses and ESL English classes. In addition, I liaise between lecturers and the centre as well as providing a secondary point of contact for the students. This role has come out of a deep desire to help fellow professionals put into action what God has called them to do within their chosen mission fields.


I want to empower people to live full, rich lives and achieve their highest potential. God has given me a role overseeing the training of Christian professionals who are preparing to work around the world to see God’s kingdom come through transforming lives and making disciples of all nations.


I am the director of the Centre for Mission Training for Operation Mobilisation (Brazil)

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I was born and raised in London and was brought up in a Christian family. I first felt led to work in Brazil when I was a teenager. However, my journey took me around the globe first. I have worked in a variety of roles and for various non-governmental organisations and in the public and private sectors. Most recently, I have worked as a university lecturer and ESL teacher. In addition, I am a qualified project manager.

Church Mission Society has allowed me to use my skills and talents in a part of the world that I felt called to all my life. CMS supports its individuals and connects us to a wider body of international believers.

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