Helen Kisakye, Uganda

Helen Kisakye, Uganda

Bringing a message of love, hope and inclusion for people with disabilities in Uganda through leading SPLASH inclusive dance group.

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People with disabilities face many challenges in Uganda due to a lack of both understanding and positive role models. I started SPLASH Inclusive Dance Group in 2017 with the aim of bringing a refreshing message of love, hope and inclusion for people with disabilities in Uganda.

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Helen’s story

SPLASH registered officially as an organisation in 2021 and we wish to grow partnerships both locally and internationally to lay foundations for sustainability. Each week the core team will take space for meditation. We will also hold training to develop the creative and performative skills of the dancers as we prepare new repertoire for different platforms.

In addition to SPLASH Dance Company, I am also working at CRANE (Children at Risk Action Network). CRANE’s vision is to enable “children to be safe, well and fulfilling their God-given potential”. In Uganda girls struggle to reach higher education levels, so CRANE has developed a programme to address this. One of the challenges that I have been involved in addressing is that of limited creativity in teaching methods. I have designed a “Dance Teachers Handbook” which I am training teachers to use, encouraging them to try new learning processes to engage learners.

I was born in Uganda to missionary parents and lived there for the first six years of my life. This made a lasting impression on me and a gap year in Uganda after college confirmed my calling. At university I studied dance and theology and went on to do an MA in choreography. I studied dance because it has been personally a place for me to connect with others and express issues of importance in an effective way. I have found dance to be a continual way of building bridges where words sometimes break them. God has opened doors in amazing ways and his love is the driving force in my work.

Through the connections with churches in the UK and overseas that Church Mission Society has, I am able to thrive using the gifts God has given me. It is great to be part of a wider community to draw on at any given time. My husband and child also enjoy being part of the Church Mission Society family.

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