Isaac Goh, Malaysia


Isaac Goh, Malaysia

Mobilising urban churches and young people to serve rural indigenous communities

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As the principal of Micah Centre, Isaac recruits, trains, and sends trainees out for various mission work within the rural indigenous community. He connects with local churches, particularly urban churches to give support and resources for community development projects.

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Isaac’s story

Isaac and his wife were sent to Sabah from their island hometown in Penang, Malaysia to begin Micah Centre – a cross-cultural mission training school. The focus is to mobilise urban churches and equip young people to empower the rural indigenous community in Sabah through transformational development.

Isaac also preaches and teaches in the local churches during his visitations to the rural community, especially in the area of leadership empowerment.

Along with his team, Isaac also provides the rural community with education, as well as economic and spiritual empowerment.

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